Reaching the Consumer in Poland

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Marketing Opportunities

Growing Sectors
Building (houses/apartments), furnishing/decoration (linked to building), IT (13% growth in 2006) including 30% for PC sales, hygiene-beauty-cosmetics (5th European market as regards the number of consumers), pharmaceutical products (4.2% growth per year), private medicine, education, consumer staples, travel and tourism, banking and insurance. The economic situation is good with sustained growth, salaries are rising substantially, the population is quite young: all this stimulates strong development in all sectors linked to individual consumption.
Consumer Behavior
Even if advertising on TV, the Internet and in the press is important, the strongest vector for advertising remains word of mouth. The Polish are used to doing their shopping 7 days a week and at any time of day or night. Many stores stay open very late (10 pm) and even 24/24 (even in the country). Even if there are many big shopping centers and super and hypermarkets, the Polish consumer likes to do his shopping in different general stores and markets or small and medium size local shops. Whether a product is foreign or Polish is not very important.
Consumer Profile and Purchasing Power
The average age of the Polish population is 37, and the unemployment rate is 9,6%. There are great differences in salaries according to the region and the sector of employment (the largest in the EU); the official average salary at the end of 2007 was 800 EUR. Consumer behavior depends on the level of their income. The low income of Polish people (on average EUR 730 gross per month) explains why they pay close attention to prices. But for the middle and upper classes (whose salaries are almost equivalent to the average in the EU 15) quality and brand are becoming more and more important as is service (during and after sales). Sales have become very fashionable.
Consumer Recourse to Credit
Resorting to credit is widespread (advertising everywhere for banks and other institutions proposing easy credit on request) and the level of savings is low. Polish consumers resort to credit not only for investment goods, but also for consumer staples and leisure.
Consumers Associations
UOKIK , Office for competition and consumer protection
SKP , Polish consumer association

Media in Which to Advertise

Advertising is considered to be crucial in Poland, not only concerning consumer staples but also with an aim to developing the image of a society concerning various types of goods. Television, which reaches virtually all Polish households via local channels or satellite, is considered to be the most efficient form of advertising in Poland. Goods which are advertised on television register the highest sales among all products. A large part of advertising revenue goes to television. The price of a commercial during a major event has risen drastically over the last few years as demand has increased.

Main Televisions
Canal + Polska
Polsat TV SA- Polsat 1
Telewizja Dolnoslaska Te- De
Telewizja Polska 1
Telewizja Polska 2
TV Polonia
Advertising in the press is sophisticated, and the press market itself has developed to include a wide range of publications. All Poles are literate. The main newspapers circulate in Poland and are to be found in all four corners of the country. In addition, various magazines, economic journals, niche magazines and other specialized sorts of press have proliferated. The press seems particularly adapted to reaching customers.
Traditional post is still a good means of advertising. It allows you to reach any person at all in the country.
In Transportation Venues
In large towns.
In railway carriages, buses, taxis and stations.

Market Leaders:
List of Warsaw taxi corporations
Warsaw transport management
Radio is another means of advertising goods with more than 200 local stations and 2 national networks.
To see audience statistics, click here.

Main Radios
Polskie Radi 1 Jedynka
Muzyczne Radio
Radio Amarok
New Technologies (E-Marketing, SMS, etc.)
Internet websites are a good means of advertising..

Market Leaders:
The most popular portal
Main Advertising Agencies
McCann Erickson Polska
Leo Burnett
J. Walter Thompson
Ogilvy & Mather Poland
Saatchi & Saatchi
BBDO Warsaw
Young & Rubicam

Main Principles of Advertising Regulations

Prohibited on television, radio and in the press, except beer (in an indirect form).
Prohibited everywhere.
Allowed with the disclaimer "before use read the leaflet or ask your pharmacist".
Other Rules
No major restrictions.
Visit the website of the Polish Agency for Information and Foreign Investment.
Use of Foreign Languages in Advertisement
No foreign languages but with some dispensations.
Organizations Regulating Advertising
Advertising Council (association member of EASA Alliance)
Krajowa Rada Radiofonii i Telewizji ( National Audiovisual Council)

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