Dining in Poland

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Categories of Restaurant
  • Traditional Polish restaurants
More or less everywhere in Poland. These restaurants serve a variety of dishes in authentic surroundings. "Pierogi" made by hand, pork meats, "bigos" and all sorts of soup are favorite dishes.
  • Foreign restaurants
In large towns it is easy to find restaurants serving dishes from different countries, in particular Italian, Chinese, Greek and Japanese cuisine.
  • "milk bars" (bar mleczny)
"Milk bars" (bar mleczny) are Soviet-style canteens and have mostly disappeared. They are a good alternative to restaurants and give good value for money. Often self-service, they can be found in very simple premises and offer a limited choice of basic dishes.
  • Fast-foods
The large, international fast-food chains are to be found in all the large urban areas. There are many small "kebab"-type fast-foods and others.
Rules For Eating Out
Most restaurants serve food all day and in the evening till about 11pm, sometimes later.
A tip of between 5 and 10% of the total cost of the order is generally expected.

Price Indications

Economy Meal from 5 EUR
Medium Price Meal about 12 EUR
Good Quality Meal from 12 EUR
Food Specialties
The most well known specialties in Poland are the following:
Barszcz : beetroot soup with small ravioli stuffed with mushrooms or meat.
Placki Ziemniaczane : potato fritters
Bigos : cabbage with pieces of meat, prepared over several days.
Szarlotka : apple cake sprinkled with cinnamon.
Makowiec : poppyseed cake
Concerning drink and spirits, the Poles are very fond of vodka and beer; Zywiec, Okocim and EB are the most famous in Poland. There is little Polish wine, so it is preferable to buy foreign wines. Tea is an institution and coffee is sometimes drunk Turkish-style.
Dietary Restrictions
There are no dietary restrictions in the country.
Table Manners
Table manners are continental.

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