Dining in Portugal

Overview by Globlatrade.net:
Categories of Restaurant
  • "Tasca"
Local bistrots/eating houses much appreciated by workers in a hurry, about 7 EUR.
  • "Pastelarias "and "cafés"
Pastry shops and cafés with fast meals at lunchtime. About 7 EUR.
  • Economical restaurants
Typical, regional cuisine, about 12 EUR.
  • "Cervejarias"
Brasseries usually with seafood menus. The prices may therefore vary a lot.
  • "Enotecas"
Wine bars, offering wine tasting and menus devised around wines.
  • Medium-priced restaurants
Medium-priced restaurants, with Portuguese or international cuisine, between 15 and 30 EUR.
  • Smart restaurants
Sophisticated Portuguese or international cuisine, over 40 EUR.
Rules For Eating Out
Prices displayed in restaurants and cafés have taxes and service included. A tip is not obligatory, but it is usual to leave some money on the table after paying the bill (between 5% and 10% of the bill).

Price Indications

Economy Meal from 5 EUR
Medium Price Meal from 10 to 15 EUR
Good Quality Meal from 25 EUR
Food Specialties
- Bacalhau : salt cod (boiled with chick peas, in a gratin with crème fraîche, grilled, in fritters "pastel de bacalhau", etc...).
- "Arroz de marisco" : rice with seafood.
- "Caldeirada" : fish soup.
- "Pastel de nata" : custard in puff pastry.
Traditionally a wine producing country. To see the different wines, visit the Associations for the promotion of Portuguese wines website.
Dietary Restrictions
No restrictions.
Table Manners
Before starting, you wish people « bom apetite ». If you are invited to dinner with a Portuguese family, wait to be shown your place before sitting down and avoid eating with just your fork.

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