Political Conditions in Russia

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Type of State
Federal republic based on parliamentary democracy. Presidential government.
Executive Power
The President is the Head of State. He is elected by universal suffrage for four years.The real center of power in the country, he is the commander-in-chief of the army. The Prime Minister is the head of the government. He is appointed by the President, with the approval of the lower house of Parliament, and manages the everyday business of the country.
Legislative Power
Russia has a two-chamber legislative power. The Parliament, called the Federal Assembly, is composed of: the Council of the Federation (upper chamber), which has 78 seats and the members are appointed by the regional governors and legislative institutions, for a four-year term of office; and the State Douma (lower chamber), which has 450 seats; its members are elected by direct universal suffrage from partisan lists, for a four-year term.
Main Political Parties
Russia is a State with one dominant party - United Russia (a centrist party) which is in power. Opposition parties are authorized but they do not really have any chance of gaining power. The other important parties in the country are:
- The CPRF (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) – a nationalist and communist party;
A Just Russia (born of the merger between Rodina, the Russian Life party and the Russian Pensioners' party in 2006) - a center-left party, an ally of United Russia;
The LDPR (Liberal Democratic Party of Russia) - an extreme right nationalist political party;
- The SPS (Union of right-wing forces) - associated with reforms leading towards the free market economy and privatization, it supports western-style capitalism.
Current Political Leaders
President: Dmitri MEDVEDEV (elected on May 2008) – Independent
Prime Minister: Vladimir PUTIN (since May 2008) – Last president. United Russia Party President.
Next Election Dates
Presidential election: March 2012
Parliamentary: December 2011

Indicator of Freedom of the Press

World Rank:
12 places down compared to 2008

Source: Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2009, Reporters Without Borders


Indicator of Political Freedom

Not Free
Political Freedom:
Civil Liberties:

Map of freedom 2010

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