Supply Chain in Russia

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Customs Procedures

Exporting mineral ores and semi-precious stones, perishable goods, liqueur, caviar and arms is prohibited.
Exporting precious stones and metals, as well as cultural and artistic goods must have a special authorization.
Export Taxes
Russia has recently increased export taxes and the area they cover.
Now they cover 154 lines of the Harmonized System, with rates which may reach 50%. They mainly concern energy products, ferrous and non-ferrous mineral ores, skins and wood.
Export Clearance
To obtain a refund of VAT, the exporter must provide the Federal Tax Service with supporting documents (dossier, invoices, proof of passage at the border and of payment of taxes). Examining the dossier and refunding the VAT takes 3 months. Because the system was often abused in the past, the fiscal authorities are very strict.
At Customs, they ask for the export agreement, the invoice, the passport of the transaction as well as Customs fees (0.15% minimum).
Necessary Declaration
You have to give the Seller's name, the Buyer's name, the tariff line concerned (in the Harmonized System) as well as the Customs value. Note that the seller must obligatorily be a Russian legal entity, so subsidiaries or representative offices must go through Russian intermediaries.

Controlling the Quality of the Products

Quality Control Organizations
Rostest (in Russian)

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