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Type of Production
Industry represents about a quarter of the GDP and a sixth of all employment. The trend is towards a drop.
Traditionally the most developed sectors are heavy industry (metallurgy and chemicals) as well as the automobile industry and aeronautics.
Manufacturers Associations of the Main Industries
Council of Secondary Non-Ferrous Metallurgy Industrial Enterprises
The International Union of Metallurgical Equipment Producers.
Russian association of automobile manufacturers
Russian Chemists Union

Type of Manufacturers

Original Equipment Manufacturers
They are especially developed in the sectors of the automobile industry, IT and industrial plant (in particular machines for extracting raw materials) in the form of joint-ventures.
These are generally capital-intensive sectors with a non-negligeable technological component, for which domestic demand is strong.
Original Design Manufacturers
ODMs are less widespread.
They are concentrated in the electronics and microelectronics sectors, where salaries are relatively low in relation to the level of qualification.
They are mostly Russian companies.
This activity is often linked to the country's natural resources: metal parts, plastics and resins but also electronic components. It is particulaly concentrated in the technological fields of excellence which are aeronautics, aerospace and nuclear energy.
For further information, consult a website listing sub-contractors.
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