Lodging in Russia

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Western type hotels
Hotel with all modern facilities, but still quite rare and very expensive
Select Russia
Soviet type hotels
Standard level of comfort.
Quite expensive considering the service provided especially in Moscow.
All Russia Hotels
Youth hostels
The economical choice.
Generally quite clean with a warm welcome.
Bed and Breakfast
Very widespread.
Bed and Breakfast is economical but you can also rent an apartment for a short stay. There are all sorts of categories so all levels of price.
Russian Homestay
Only apartments
Apartments Moscow
Russian flats
Hotel Rules
You are strongly advised to book your hotel before you leave home. Officially, it is even necessary to pay for your accommodation in advance in order to obtain certain visas.
Most of the time, the hotel will take care of your registration with the Russian authorities, for twenty euros or so. Nevertheless, you should make sure of this in advance because not registering may lead to a heavy fine when leaving the country.
Price is given by room (except in some youth hostels) and taxes are included.
For Further Information
Russian youth hostel association (in English)
Federal tourist agency (in Russian and in English)
Russian hotel association (in Russian)

Price Indications

Economy Room from 10 to 35 €
Medium Price Room from 50 to 85 €
Good Quality Room more than 100 €

Source: Lonely Planet

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