Travel Security in Russia

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Health Precautions

Obligatory Vaccination and Other Recommendations
No vaccinations required.
Visitors staying more than 3 months must produce a certificate of HIV-negative status (see this with the Embassy).
Because counterfeiting of medicines has increased so much in Russia, travelers are advised to take with them the medicines they need for their state of health or for treatment.
For Further Information
The pages of the WHO website devoted to Russia (in English)
The website of the Russian Ministry of Health and Social Development (in Russian)

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Safety Conditions

The number of attacks of a racist nature is increasing, in particular in Moscow and St Petersburg. Colored people are therefore encouraged to avoid areas where the skinheads go as well as large gatherings. In the big cities, people are frequently robbed or are victims of confidence tricks.
Terrorist Risk
Russia has been the scene of many terrorist operations over the last few years. The risk is particularly high in Moscow.
The region of the North Caucasus is still very unstable and should therefore be avoided especially.
Risk of Natural Disaster
Risks are low on the whole, the worst of them being linked to the intense cold.
The Far East, and particularly the island of Sakhaline, is an area of seismic activity.
Traveling Women Conditions
Traveling conditions for women are the same as for men.
For Further Information
The Current Travel Warnings of the US State Department
The recommendations of the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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