Reaching the Consumer in Saudi Arabia

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Marketing Opportunities

Growing Sectors
Telecommunications, Building and Construction, Retail.
Consumer Behavior
Price is relatively important when making a purchasing decision. Generally, the Saudi Arabians like to compare before buying.
After-sales service becomes an important element in developing customer loyalty. The consumer in the country has evolved, from a passive buyer who depended largely on opinions of others before purchasing a product, to a more active participant who wants the best.
Consumer Profile and Purchasing Power
Saudi Arabian consumers are becoming more and more well-informed and sophisticated. They are not always loyal to brand names. Typical consumer is young and high-spending. The country has high per-capita income and a market-oriented economy.
Consumer Recourse to Credit
Households are increasingly using consumer credits to make purchases.

Media in Which to Advertise


TV advertising, especially on satellite television, is rapidly expanding. But any commercial has to conform to religious and ethical codes. Saudi monopoly on television broadcasting was infringed with the advent of satellite television, which also forced TV advertising rates to come down. Presently advertising is in a state of transition in the country.

Main Televisions
ART-Arab radio &TV
Middle East Broadcasting Corporation (MBC)
Aramco TV (Dhahran Television - Channel 3)
Saudi Arabian Television (3 channels)
Major share of the country's total advertising expenditure is made on newspaper, though effectiveness is somewhat limited by relatively low readership rates.
Advertising is not permitted on the state-run radio system.

Main Radios
Saudi Radio
New Technologies (E-Marketing, SMS, etc.)
People are showing keen interest in Internet, however, the infrastructure is inadequate to deal with the present demand. Faxes are most commonly used.

Market Leaders:
Saudi Telecom Company (STC)

Main Principles of Advertising Regulations

Advertising alcohol is banned.
Advertising cigarettes is banned.
Other Rules
Any commercial needs to strictly conform to religious and ethical codes.

Moreover the female human form is not culturally and religiously acceptable in the media, though some modest exceptions are prevailing now.

Use of Foreign Languages in Advertisement
Majority of content is in Arabic language though English language is also commonly understood.

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