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Customs Procedures

Import Procedures
Visit the website Saudi Arabia to consult all import procedures and regulations.
Specific Import Procedures
Food and medical products often require additional documentation such as ingredient and consumer protection certificates.

Meat products should also specify that slaughtering procedures comply with Saudi regulations.

Importing Samples

Samples for display in shows/exhibitions are exempt from Saudi labeling and shelf life regulations, but are subject to inspection at ports of entry.

Samples must contain a commercial invoice specifying that the product is not for sale and has no commercial value.

Customs Duties and Taxes on Imports

Average Customs Duty (Excluding Agricultural Products)
Products Having a Higher Customs Tariff
To protect the rising national industry, a 20% tax is applied for some products such as steel, cement, furniture, organic and liquid detergents as well as some electrical items. On the other hand, products such as tobacco are taxed at a rate of 30%.
Preferential Rates
Most of the basic consumer goods (sugar, rice, tea, unroasted coffee, wheat, livestock and meat) are exempted from custom duties).

Moreover Saudi Arabia has signed various trade agreements (especially with the Gulf Co-operation Council – GCC) which allows the member countries total exemption of the customs duties. In addition, for certain Muslim countries of the League of Arab States (Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia) the customs duty has been reduced to 10%.

Customs Classification
Saudi Arabia applies the Harmonized Customs System.
Method of Calculation of Duties

The customs duties are calculated Ad valorem on the C.I.F value.

However, a limited number of items are subject to customs duties calculated on the basis of metric weight or capacity, rather than ad Valorem. The rates for these items are fairly low.
Import Taxes (Excluding Consumer Taxes)

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