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Passport and Visa Requirements

Passport and Visa Service
To get more information on visa and entry requirements, visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore.
For Further Information
To known list of countries embassies in Singapore kindly visit the given link.
For visa requirements and health advices based on your personal details and itinerary, check IATA Travel Website.

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Taxes and Restrictions On Persons When Going Through Customs

Taxation On Persons
Tobacco products must be declared upon arrival. The goods may be brought into Singapore only upon payment of Customs duty.
Only for persons aged 18 years and above : 1 litre of spirits, 1 litre of wine and 1 litre of beer.
59.1ml (2 ounces)
Foreign Currency
Not more than SGD 30,000, if more it is required then the person has to fill up the CBNI Report.
Obligatory Declaration of Foreign Currency
Any thing above SGD 30,000, to be declared in CBNI report.
Local Currency
Any thing above SGD30000, to be declared in CBNI report.
Obligatory Declaration of Local Currency
Any thing above SGD30000, to be declared in CBNI report.
How to Refund Consumption Tax
Visitor to Singapore , can claim refund of the GST paid on your purchases under the Tourist Tax Refund Scheme. For more details kindly refer to Visit Singapore website.
Other Requirements

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