Customs in Singapore

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Customs Procedures

Import Procedures
Firms importing goods into Singapore require making an inward declaration, in addition to having an import permit.

For details, visit: Import Procedure

Specific Import Procedures
Visit: Customs Singapore
Importing Samples
Goods entering the country temporarily for repair, stage performance etc. can do so without payment of duty or GST. Using an ATA carnet, foreign companies/exhibitors can import products into the country. For details, visit: Customs Singapore

Customs Duties and Taxes on Imports

Average Customs Duty (Excluding Agricultural Products)

Singapore is duty free except for products like automobiles, gasoline, tobacco, and alcohol. For more details, visit: Tariff Schedule
Products Having a Higher Customs Tariff
Singapore is duty free, with the exception of automobiles, gasoline, tobacco, and alcohol.
Preferential Rates
They are granted to imports from the countries with which Singapore has signed Free Trade Agreements (FTA).


For details visit Singapore customs website.

Customs Classification
Singapore applies the Harmonized Customs System.
Method of Calculation of Duties
The customs duties are calculated Ad valorem on the CIF value of the goods. The Customs and Excise Department is in charge of implementing the customs duties and regulations.
Method of Payment of Customs Duties
The most efficient way to make payment of custom duties is by GIRO (an electronic direct debit mechanism).


For details, visit the website of the Association of Bank in Singapore.

Import Taxes (Excluding Consumer Taxes)
The goods entering straight away in the free-trade area are exempted from GST (goods and services tax). The exemption is not applicable when they are later introduced on the Singaporean territory. GST at a rate of 7% assessed on the CIF + duty value of the product then becomes applicable.

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