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Categories of Restaurant
Singapore is a gourmet's paradise, ranging from humble street stalls to 5-star restaurants. There are over 30 different cooking styles. Eating out is the daily habit of families in Singapore. Most of the Singaporeans eat in the open food courts which offer wide variety of foods.
Rules For Eating Out
1. Tipping is not very common in Singapore . It is discouraged at hotels and restaurants, as most have already added a 10% service charge to the bill.

2. When you have finished eating your meal with any acquaintances, it would be polite in showing that you recognize their kindness by leaving some of your meal in the plate.

3. Smoking in air-conditioned restaurants is against the law.

4. The normal lunch time is from 11:30 to 2:30 pm and Dinner time is from 6:30 to 10:00 pm.


Price Indications

Economy Meal SGD 3 - 5
Medium Price Meal SGD 5 - 15
Good Quality Meal SGD 20 - 55
Food Specialties
Beef rendang (coconut milk beef curry), Chilli crab (fresh crab with a piquant sauce), Gado gado (a fruit and vegetable salad in peanut sauce), Satay (skewers of marinated meat cooked over charcoal), etc.Most of the dishes display photos, and you can watch them being prepared also.
Singapore Sling, Teh arak tarik, Soya bean milk, Sugar cane juice, Tiger Beer.
Dietary Restrictions

You should never pass food to Muslims with your left hand.

Also, it is advisable not to order alcohol when dining with Muslims.

Never leave chopsticks upright in a rice bowl as this resembles a grave marker which is considered a sign of bad omen.
Table Manners

It's a sign of respect for a Singaporean to serve you during a family-style meal.

It's not a big deal to start eating before your companions have been served; waiting until everyone is served is a western concept.
Many locals may have religion-based dietary restrictions, such as only eating vegetarian or halal (Muslim) food. If you're arranging a meal with Singaporeans be sure to clarify their eating habits before deciding on a restaurant.

Smoking is banned in air-conditioned restaurants and banquet/meeting rooms, but many establishments have outdoor patios and seating areas for smokers.

When eating with chopsticks, dip them in tea before wiping them with a tissue to clean them.

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