Supply Chain in South Africa

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Customs Procedures

There are restrictions on import/export of certain goods. For example, all used goods, second-hand goods, waste and scrap are subject to import control measures. A list of goods subject to import/ export control measures is available available on the ITAC website.
Export Taxes
No tax is levied on exports; in fact the exporters are provided incentives in certain categories. Exports are also exempt from consumption tax.
Export Clearance
After the receipt of the goods in the dock, the exporter may contact the Customs Officer designated for the purpose and present the checklist with the endorsement of Port Authority and other declarations along with all original documents. Customs Officer may verify the quantity of the goods actually received. If satisfied that the particulars conform to the description given in the original documents, he may proceed to allow "let export" for the shipment.
Necessary Declaration
In case of export by sea or air, the exporter must submit the 'Shipping Bill', and in case of export by road he must submit 'Bill of Export' in the prescribed form containing the prescribed details such as the name of the exporter, consignee, invoice number, details of packing, description of goods, quantity, FOB value, etc.

Along with the Shipping Bill, other documents such as copy of packing list, invoices, export contract, letter of credit, etc. are also to be submitted.


Controlling the Quality of the Products

Quality Control Organizations
South African Society for Quality
South African Quality Institute

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