Logistics in South Korea

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Main Useful Means of Transport
In Korea, the roads have been the most important infrastructure carrying over 90% of the country's transport volume.

Korea has 57 railroad routes and they still act as the main mode of transport for large cargo. And there are 8 international airports including Incheon International airports and 7 domestic airports.

Total cargo handling in ports throughout Korea is around 17 million TEUs. In terms of a case-by-base of cargo handling figures, import and export cargo reaches 11 million TEUs . Transit cargo is to 6 million TEUs.
Korea has three main port authorities, Busan Port Authority (BPA), Incheon Port Authority (IPA) and Ulsan Port Authority (UPA).

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By Rail

Transport Professionals
Korea Railroad (KORAIL)
Government Transport Organizations
Ministry of Construction & Transportation (MOCT)

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