Lodging in South Korea

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Korean hotels are rated as super deluxe (5 golden hibiscuses), deluxe (5 green hibiscuses), first class (4 hibiscuses), second class (3 hibiscuses) and third class (2 hibiscuses), but these ratings do not correspond with hotel ratings in Western countries.
COEX Inter-Continental; Grand Hilton Seoul; Grand Hyatt Seoul; The Westin Chosun, Seoul
Motel/ Inn (Yeogwan)
The most prevalent type of accommodation in Korea, nearby bus terminals and train stations in large cities. They are not only easy to access, but they are also inexpensive. Reservations are not required unless it is peak season or a holiday. Because of the cheap price and easy accessibility, the conditions are not necessarily pleasant.
Seoul Tourism
Youth Hostel
50 hostels in Korea nationwide. Hostels are located in famous cities and regions-from tourist sites and downtown areas to places that are difficult to reach. It is a good idea to make a reservation beforehand.
Youth Hostels Association
Hotel Rules
Normally, hotels add a 10% VAT and 10% service charge.
For Further Information
Korea Tourism Organization website

Price Indications

Economy Room From 18 to 36€
Medium Price Room From 72 to 108€
Good Quality Room Above 144€

Source: Lonely Planet

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