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Incentives or guarantees

Forms of Aid
Employment aid (Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs), special government grants, credits.
In parallel to the government aids, each of the 17 autonomous communities have their own system of incentives. The investors must approach the regional authorities of the place of establishment to benefit from these aids as well as the community aids (especially for the depressed areas).
Privileged Domains
Job creation, training, research and development, renewable energies, tourism sector, broadcasting sector. The preferred sectors are TIC, renewable energies and environment.
Privileged geographical sectors
Special aids are granted to companies investing in regions which are lagging behind in economic development (3/4th of the territory). There are community aids as in support provided by the European Union in the least favored regions.
The regions concerned by the European FEDER program,
Privileged Geographical Zones
The free zones of Spain.
Country Risk

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Tax incentives offered to foreign investors

Special tax treatments
In Spain, a series of credit against tax payable may be taken for research and development (25% of expenses). Where the expenses exceed the average amount incurred in the preceding two years, a credit equal to 46% is available on the amount exceeding the average amount of 27% credit. 6% of credit for investment export activity and 8% to 12% of credit on technological innovation of existing products. These incentives will be reduced in future exercises, finally expiring in 2014. Industrial development banks and companies and venture capital companies and funds are subject to special tax regimes. For more information on tax incentives you can consult regional investment organizations : Agency of Innovation and Development of Andalucia Agency (IDEA) ; Bestin CLM, Investment Agency for Castilla - La Mancha ; Catalonia Investment Agency (CIDEM) ; PromoMadrid ; Service Center for the internationalisation of the Catalan Companies.
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