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Main Useful Means of Transport
Transport by sea represents 20% of the GDP of the transport sector and 1% of GNP. The freight traffic at the port reached 442 million tons in 2005, which represented a 7.68% increase compared to 2004. Container freight traffic reached 11.05 million TEU (Twenty-feet Equivalent Unit) in 2005, growing by 8.74% compared to 2004. 78% of imports and 51% of exports of Spain transit through the ports.
The country's main port is port of Bahia de Algeciras, with 71.8 million tons of goods in 2006, 3.3 million TEU of container freight in 2006. It is the first port in the Mediterranean in terms of container freight traffic. The second port of the country is port of Barcelona (free zone) which handled 53.6 million tons of goods in 2007 and which is the fourth Mediterranean port for container freight traffic and the first container port of Spain with 3 million TEU. Next comes the port of Valencia (third port of the Mediterranean for container freight traffic) with a total traffic of 51.4 million tons plus 2.6 million TEU. Bilbao and Tarragona are the other important ports.

Air freight reprented 86 million tons in 2006. In 2007, Madrid amassed 51% of the 624,000 tons of freight; Barcelona, second airport of Spain: 16%.

Inland goods transport is handled 80% by road.

Rail traffic accounts for only 4% of the traffic. It is slow, it is not very reliable and the railway network is not well-maintained - these are definitely the causes for poor rail traffic. 95% of Renfe's goods transport is by railroad. Trains are especially borrowed by the iron and steel products, mining products, coal, propane and butane.
Combined transport of goods (especially combined road and rail transport) is expanding.

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