Reaching the Consumer in Spain

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Marketing Opportunities

Growing Sectors
Tourism, software, renewable energies, environment protection equipment, telecommunications, security equipment, e-commerce, accommodation, food, transport and services.
Consumer Behavior
Price is an important factor in the purchasing behavior of Spanish consumers. They are not necessarily loyal to one brand any more and distributor's brands are developing rapidly. Payment facilities and an efficient after-sales service are other key factors.
Consumer Profile and Purchasing Power
The Spanish consumer seems demanding, but attaches less and less importance to the guarantee of a known brand. He is conservative and prefers known products to new products but as his lifestyle changes, he can show a bit of curiosity. He has the tendency to favor Spanish products or those which look like them. Purchase of fair trade products increased from 18% in 2004 to 25% in 2005; the consumption of bio products remains very low. Youngsters are less and less loyal to brands and more open to new products.
Consumer Recourse to Credit
Following the steep increase in real-estate prices, the Spanish (who are owners by preference from mortgage at variable rates) saw their purchasing power decrease. It is estimated that 55% of them have problems pulling along till month end. They have thus more and more recourse to consumer credit.
Consumers Associations
INC , National Institute of Consumption
OCU , Organization of consumers and users
ASGECO , General Consumers Association
CECU , Confederation of Consumers and Users
Consumers' Union of Spain
FACUA , Federation of Consumers in Action
FUCI , Federation of Users and Independent Consumers
CEACCU , Spanish Confederation of Housewifes, Consumers and Users
UNCCUE , Consumers and Users Cooperatives' National Union
AUC , Communication Users Association

Media in Which to Advertise

Television has the strongest advertising impact (nearly 90% penetration). But the very many channels, especially regional channels, make its use very expensive and only affordable to the powerful brands relying on an excellent distribution network. For your information, some penetration rates: TVE 1 (19%), TVE La 2 (3%), Antena 3 (25%), Telecinco (22%), Cuatro (6%), TV3 (3%), ETB 1 et ETB 2 (1%), Canal 9 (2%), Canal Sur (5%) and TVG (1%).

Main Televisions
Antena 3 Group
Telecinco Group
Sogecable Group
Euskal Irrati Telebista
The penetration of daily newspapers (41.3%), their supplements (25%) and magazines (46.6%) is on the whole more than that of the TV but the impact is more spread out and specialized.
Number of readers in million/day: ABC (0,7), El Mundo (1,4), El Pais (2,1), Expansion (0,2),  El Comercio (0,2), La Vanguardia (0,7), El Periodico (0,8), Metro (1,0), Que (1,9), 20 minutos (2,4), ADN (1,2), As (1), Marca (2,3), Sport (0,6) et Mundo Deportivo (0,5).

Main Newspapers
Unidad Editorial Group
Prisa Group
El Comercio S.A
Godo Group
Zeta Group
Metro International SA
Schibsted Group
Postal advertising makes it possible to reach the customers directly. It is easier to measure its impact than that of an advertisement on television. This type of advertising requires to have an address list, but then Spanish law restricts the purchase of address lists.
The fly sheets announce the promotions of neighborhood stores, more than advertising a product.
In Transportation Venues
The Spanish airlines, shipping and railway companies (Renfe) publish all their magazines, free of cost mostly in two languages (Castilian/English), for their customers. Their impact, which is not measured, seems insignificant. To be noted that, in outdoor advertising, the advertisements on urban buses (viewed by 9.5 M persons/day) and bus stations (8.5 M) have the strongest impact.

Market Leaders:
The penetration rate of radio is 56%. It is thus an attractive media. But more than the other media, there are many theme-based or local radio. The major general radio are Cadena Ser with 4.7 million listeners/day and a 39% penetration rate; Cope 2.1 million listeners/day; Onda Cero 1.7 million listeners/day and a 13.5% penetration rate; Radio Nacional de Espana with 1.2 million listeners/day and a 8.8% penetration rate and Catalunya Radio 0.5 million listeners/day and a 3.8% penetration rate.

Main Radios
Groupe Prisa
Radio Popular SA
Groupe Antena 3
New Technologies (E-Marketing, SMS, etc.)
Websites have a 23.2% penetration and the main websites receive millions of visitors.
Number of visitors in millions over the past 30 days: YAHOO (4.2), TERRA (2.2), PAGINAS AMARILLAS (1.6) et  YA (0.8).
Mailshots, used significantly in recent times, have two disadvantages: most of the recipients have anti=spam software or delete mails without reading them if they are from unknown senders.

Market Leaders:
MARKETINET (in Spanish)
Main Advertising Agencies

Main Principles of Advertising Regulations

Advertising alcoholic drinks having a strength higher to 20º is prohibited on TV or in places where the sale or consumption is prohibited.
Advertising tobacco is prohibited on TV or in places where the sale or consumption is prohibited.
Needs prior administrative authorization. The advertisement must be followed by a written warning text to read (4 items: child safety, consult doctor, pharmacist, etc.)
Other Rules
The general law on advertising considers illegal any advertising which affects the dignity of the person or the values and rights recognized by the Constitution. Misleading advertising, dishonest advertising, subliminal advertising and advertising which infringes the stipulations of the law on certain products, goods, services or defined activities is also illegal. 
Use of Foreign Languages in Advertisement
It is counterproductive to use a foreign language except for an allusive mention of a famous origin (e.g.: parfum français (French perfume)). Dubbing/translation or sub-titling are compulsory.
Organizations Regulating Advertising
Ministry of Health and Consumption

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