Sourcing in Spain

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Type of Production
The industry represented 13.5% of the Spanish GDP in 2006. In the basic manufacturing industry, Spain is well-known for its metallurgy industry (iron, steel, lead and zinc), cement industry and chemical industry. The most important processing industries are ship construction, automobile, heavy equipment, rail equipment and electrical machines. Textile industry, leather and hide products, paper production, shoes, toys and tobacco figure among finished products. In the food sector, olive oil, sugar, wine, canned food, beer and liquor industries dominate.
Manufacturers Associations of the Main Industries
Spanish association of automobile and truck manufacturers (ANFAC) (in Spanish)
Spanish association of automobile equipment and component manufacturers (Sernauto)
Regional Council of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Professionals (ANQUE)
Spanish Electrical Engineering Association (UNESA)
Spanish paper pulp, paper and cardboard manufacturer's association (ASPAPEL)
Spanish Machine tools manufacturer's association (AFM)
Association cotton textile industry (Aitpa)
Spanish Association of shoe component companies (AEC)
Spanish association for olive oil industry and export trade (ASOLIVA)

Type of Manufacturers

Original Equipment Manufacturers
The OEMs in Spain are usually manufacturers of spare parts for automobile, aeronautics and electronics industries.
Original Design Manufacturers
The sub-contractor designers in Spain are often automobile component manufacturers. One of the most famous company Ficosa, which has become ODM for all major automobile makers. The ODMs are also present in the electronics and computer sectors.
The sub-contracting companies represent 11% of the total production of the Spanish industry. Sales represent close to 40 billion Euros and employ 250,000 workers. They are present in all the sectors but particularly in the textile, leather and shoe industry and in paper industry.
Useful Resources
Spanish sub-contracting portal
Report on sub-contracting in Europe and Spain

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