Domestic Transportation in Spain

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Means of Transport Recommended in Town

It is recommended to use taxis (plenty, well signposted and affordable). It is necessary to have sufficient knowledge of the city beforehand to use the mass transport. The cities usually have a very good bus network.
Maps of Urban Networks
Madrid metro map
Barcelona metro map
Barcelona transport map
Valencia transport map
Urban Transport Agencies
Consortium of Public Transport of Madrid
Metropolitan Transports of Barcelona
Metropolitan Transport Entity of Valencia
Urban Transports of Seville
Find an Itinerary
Find a schedule to Madrid
Find a schedule to Barcelona
Taxi Companies
Find a taxi in the main Spanish cities

Transportation From Airport to City Centre:






Car Rental
Madrid - Barajas (MAD) 13 km / 8 miles EUR 17-23 / 20-30 min EUR 1.10 EUR 2 Available
Barcelona - El Prat (BCN) 13 km / 8 miles EUR 13-50 / 25-35 min EUR 2.80 / 30-40 min EUR 2.40 Available

Means of Transport Recommended in the Rest of the Country

Apart from the high-speed lines, it is better to avoid rail transport since it is slow and often behind schedule. Domestic airline services are aplenty but crowded and flight departure delays are frequent. The bus transit network is dense, reliable and affordable.
Rail Companies
RENFE (Entire Spanish territory)
FEVE (North of the country and Murcia)
ADIF (entire Spanish territory)
FGC (Catalonia)
FGV (Valencia)
Euskotren (Basque Country)


Name Type Domestic Flights International Flights
Iberia Major yes Yes
Air Europa Major yes Yes
Spanair low cost yes Yes
Vueling low cost yes Yes

You Can Consult the List of Airlines Banned Within the EU. Look Also at the rating of the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).


Traveling By Yourself

The road network is excellent. The major cities are served by turnpikes (AP - autopistas de peaje) or free expressways (A-autovías). The police is very strict about respecting speed limits. Fines are very high and foreigners must pay immediately in cash. Impounding for wrong parking is systematic. It is compulsory to have a fluorescent vest inside the car (and not in the trunk) and also two hazard warning triangles.
Driver's License
Considered valid in Spain are the driver's license:
- of EU nationals,
- issued by other countries in accordance with rider 9 of the Geneva Convention or with rider 6 of the Vienna Convention, for the essential sections,
- issued in the Spanish language or accompanied with an official translation,
- international driving permits issued abroad in accordance with rider 10 of the Geneva Convention or in the model of rider E of the International Convention of Paris,
- recognized by bilateral agreements between Spain and the country of origin.
Conditions For Renting a Vehicle
Normally, the minimum age to rent a car is 21 years. It is also necessary to have a driver's license (valid in Spain and within the validity period) and a credit card acceptable by the renter.
Rental Agencies
Easycar (low cost)
Rumbo (low cost) (in Spanish)
Tolls or Taxes
The tolls on the turnpikes (AP) vary according to the dealers and are revised annually.
Road Maps
Road network map
Find an Itinerary
Guia Campsa
Via Michelin
Traffic Conditions Online
Director General of Traffic (in Spanish)
Parking Facilities
Parking in the large cities is regulated and very difficult. Violations are punished severely. Rather than parking anywhere and risk impounding, it is better to use a public or private (hotels) parking if it is available. New legislation requires the owners to bill by the minute. To locate parking lots, visit Guia Campsa or Michelin Guide.

Rules of the Road

Minimum Driving Age
18 years (16 years for driving with a companion after a written test).
Side of the Road For Driving
Speed Limits
Barring a few exceptions, roadsigns and markings are duly provided: speed limit is 50 in city, 90 on roads, 120 on freeways or expressways.
Safety Belts
Compulsory in both the front and back seats of the vehicle.
Permitted Amount of Alcohol in the Blood
0.50 mg/l of exhaled air for ordinary drivers
0.25 mg/l of exhaled air for professional drivers
National Roads Organizations
Director General of Traffic (DGT)

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