Logistics in Sweden

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Main Useful Means of Transport
Distribution of domestic goods transport: road 64% (39.9 billion tkm, a growth of 3.5% in 2005-2006), train 36% (22.3 billion tkm, a growth of 2.7% in 2005-2006). Sea transport is vital for Sweden with its 2 700 km of coastline and its many islands. Almost all international transactions are carried out by sea as well as half of domestic trade.

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By Rail

Transport Professionals
Green Cargo
Government Transport Organizations
Ministry of transport and communication
Swedish Rail Administration (Banverket)

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  • Labeling and Marking Requirements in Sweden

    Sweden does not require country of origin marking for imports. However, goods carrying incorrect designations of origin are prohibited, and products made to appear as produced or manufactured in Sweden may not be imported unless the correct foreign origin is clearly and durably marked thereon.

    U.S. Commercial Service Poland on 31 Mar 2010 related to Logistics in Sweden

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