Reaching the Consumer in Sweden

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Marketing Opportunities

Growing Sectors
The new sectors of technologies and biotechnologies play a significant part in the economy. Growing sectors are telecommunications, IT, electronics, robotics, and the pharmaceutical industry.
Consumer Behavior
The determining factor for Swedish consumers is price, followed by quality. It is very important for them to obtain information before buying something, especially as regards consumer durables. Other major factors when choosing are value for money, the salesperson's know-how, and after sales services. When buying furniture and household appliances, the deciding factors are the range of choice, price and the transparency of the offer. Swedish people are loyal to brands and to shops. A large proportion of the population is connected to Internet, and it is used frequently to obtain information as well as to make a purchase.
Consumer Profile and Purchasing Power
On average, Swedish consumers have resources and purchasing power well above that of most other European consumers. They are used to a higher standard of living than in most other European countries and have high expectations. Swedish consumers are spending more and more.
Consumer Recourse to Credit
Consumer credit is widely used in Sweden.
Consumers Associations
Ombudsman , The Swedish Consumer Agency
Sverigeskonsumenter , The Swedish Consumers' Association
Konsumentsamverkan , The Swedish Consumer Coalition

Media in Which to Advertise

Television advertising has great influence on consumer behavior. Showing an advertisement during the games on TV early in the evening will reach the biggest numbers of viewers. Sweden has totally prohibited advertising aimed at minors. For further details, click here. (pages 12-14)

Main Televisions
Sveriges Television (SVT)

Canal Plus Sweden
Group TV4
Modern Times Group
Sweden is a country of readers of newspapers and magazines. Nearly 90% of the country's adult population read at least one daily paper, which puts Sweden among the world leaders in press media consumption.
Unlike many countries where the morning papers are sold in kiosks, the Swedish daily paper market is dominated by a high percentage of subscriptions to morning papers which are delivered to homes. According to the Swedish Association of newspaper publishers (TU), 93% of editions of morning papers are delivered to subscribers' homes.

Even if some people are resistant to it, most consumers read it and refer to it for their purchases. More than just advertising a product, the information received in letter boxes advertises the special offers in nearby stores.
Radio advertising makes it possible to reach a very wide audience. There are 8.25 million radio sets.

Main Radios
Sveriges Radio AB
SBS Broadcasting Group
New Technologies (E-Marketing, SMS, etc.)
The new technologies (Internet, etc.) accentuate the impact of advertising on Swedish people, and develop mail order sales.

Market Leaders:
Main Advertising Agencies
Main advertising agencies in Sweden
All advertising agencies in Sweden
General information about the media in Sweden

Main Principles of Advertising Regulations

According to the Swedish Law on alcohol (Alkohollagen 1994:738), it is prohibited to advertise spirits, wines or beer over 2.25% alcohol on TV and radio and in the press, except at sales outlets, in professional reviews or in the foreign press.
Tobacco advertising is prohibited in Sweden.
Advertising for prescription medicines is prohibited on the TV and on the radio, except in the framework of a sponsored programme, when the name of the company may appear.
Other Rules
For further information on the control of advertising, click here..
Organizations Regulating Advertising
Ministry of Justice
Swedish Broadcasting Commission
Swedish Radio and TV Authority

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