Dining in Sweden

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Categories of Restaurant
  • Restaurants
From the Michelin starred restaurant to the simple inn. Dishes of the day (Dagens Rätt) are served between 11am and 2pm. Expect to pay 250-300 SEK for a set menu.
  • Restaurants serving foreign cuisine
Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Mexican cuisine, etc.
  • Brasseries and self-service restaurants
Very affordable, the cooking is simple and wholesome.
Rules For Eating Out
In hotels, service charges are usually included in the bill.
Swedish people usually eat a savory breakfast, have a quick snack at about noon, and have an early dinner about 6pm.

Price Indications

Economy Meal 7 EUR
Medium Price Meal 14 EUR
Good Quality Meal 30 EUR
Food Specialties
Swedish cuisine has become very international and incorporated elements from all over the world.
The herring is one of the leading ingredients; it is cooked in many ways, for example el surstromming (fermented herring), stekt strömming (fried Baltic herring), böckling (smoked herring), sillbullar (fried balls of herring).
Swedish specialties are: Renstek (roast reindeer), köttbullar (meatballs), Janssons frestelse (gratin of potatoes and anchovies in thin slices), sillsallad (herring salad in a sour sauce), pitepalt (made of potatoes and barley flour), Smörgas (open sandwiches with many toppings: herring, shrimp, etc.), kanel bulle (snail-shaped cinnamon Viennese pastry), princess tarta (large green iced cake with whipped cream), smultrons (wild strawberries), hjorrtons (a sort of yellow blackberry which grows in Lapland) filmjölk (fermented milk).
To see some Swedish recipes, click here.
Alcohol is sold exclusively in Systembolaget shops.
Minimum age: 20
Different beers: Lättöl (the least strong, less than 2.2%), Folköl, Mellanöl and Starköl (the strongest and the best). You must be 18 to drink beer and 20 to buy it.
Aquavit is a brandy. It is the Swedish national drink.
Dietary Restrictions
Table Manners
Table manners are continental.

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