Distribution Networks in Switzerland

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Types of Outlet

Department stores 
Clothes, Cosmetics, Jewelry, Food.
Globus , Manor.
Supermarkets and hypermarkets
Groceries, general merchandise.
Coop, SPAR , REWE group
Convenience stores
General food, drink, everyday products.
Swiss Valley, Swiss Farms.
Discount stores
Variety of goods including clothes, cosmetics, and general merchandise of daily use.
Drug Stores
Medicines, cosmetics, perfumes.
Galencia (renamed Amavita),






 Alliance pharmacy (Boots stores)

Specialized stores
Designer clothes and wares- furniture, home accessories.
Ikea (furniture),






 C&A (clothes)


Evolution of the Retail Sector

Growth and Regulation
The distribution market in Switzerland is dominated by vertically integrated retailers. This allows them to have a centralized buying system in order to remain competitive when compared to independent retailers.

The number of independent retailers is thus decreasing, giving way to a growing number of discount stores and supermarkets. Most of the leading retailers are legally structured as cooperatives.

Market Shares
Department stores, chain stores, consumer cooperatives, discount stores and supermarkets comprise the majority of such retailers that deal in a wide range of products and services ranging from textiles, leather goods, sports articles, pharmaceuticals, toys, to hardware.
Organizations in the Retail Sector
Swiss Retailers Association (SRA)

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