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Type of Production
There are approximately 76,000 companies with around one million employees operating in the Swiss manufacturing sector. The sector contributes 42 % to the country’s total exports in terms of volume. Three industries namely mechanical, electrical and metal known in German by the abbreviation MEM play a central role in the Swiss economy.

The MEM industries, together with related fields such as information and communication technologies also develop high performing production facilities for numerous other industrial sectors, such as the agricultural, automobile, chemical-pharmaceutical, electronic, food and textile industries.

Manufacturers Associations of the Main Industries
Electrosuisse (Association for Electrical Engineering, Power and Information Technologies)
Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH)
Swiss Technology Network ( Association of Electronics, Automatation Equipment, Computer Manufacturers and Distributors)
Swiss Society of Chemical Industries
Swissmem (Machine-Electro- and Metal Industry Association)
FASMED ( Swiss Medical Devices Technology Association)

Type of Manufacturers

Original Equipment Manufacturers
Switzerland has good reputation for its strengths in design, sophisticated IP protection and world class R&D capabilities, thus offering an attractive environment to OEMs. Most of the OEMs in Switzeralnd work in the MEM industries which mainly inlcude areas: metallurgy, mechanical engineering and vehicle construction, electrical engineering and electronics, and precision instruments. In terms of both size of workforce and value of exports, the second of these is by far the largest. Switzerland is also one of the world's largest watch manufacturers. In terms of value, it is responsible for about half of all world production.
Original Design Manufacturers
The design and R&D activities in Switzerland are quite impressive as compared to the size of the country. In addition to the wide range of research activities undertaken by Swiss universities and institutes, there is an enormous amount of research activity in the private sector, especially in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, food, machinery and micro technology industries. The Swiss manufacturing industry is heavily export-oriented and depends upon the latest technology in order to retain its competitiveness on the world market. Therefore ODMs find Switzerland an attractive place.
Useful Resources
Economie suisse (Swiss Federation of Commerce and Industry)

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