Distribution Networks in Syria

Overview by Globlatrade.net:

Evolution of the Retail Sector

Growth and Regulation
There are two types of distribution circuits. On the public side, an import monopoly is held in a specific sector by a structure which has its own distribution network. On the private side, the concept of mass distribution hardly exists. The import agents who are also wholesale distributors work for companies. There are no supermarkets or hypermarkets, and consumer goods sales outlets are the retailers. The role of a vendor is the role of a consultant. Lots of progress remain to be made for shelf products, their presentation etc. Thanks to the growth and improvement in transportation, distribution has become easier and faster. Moreover, it is essential to know that  the concept of quality is relatively important, an advantage for foreign products.

It is important to note that the crossing from a strongly nationalized economic system to a social market has an influence in the distribution system: Cham City Center is the first shopping center in Syria, it opened its doors in 2006 and it has largely expanded in 2009 (many franchises have established their businesses there). Cham City Center includes, among others, the first Syrian hypermarket, very modern and keeping the same quality criteria of the French mass market retailers (such as Carrefour).

Market Shares
Companies that have their own distribution network are rare. Most products are sold in bazaars, groceries and specialized shops. But shopping centers and multi-brand stores are starting to appear in Damascus which could make good distribution relays, especially for top of the range products.

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