Travel Security in Syria

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Health Precautions

Obligatory Vaccination and Other Recommendations
A certificate of vaccination against yellow fever is required for travelers coming from infected areas. There is a risk of malaria in its benign form on the area along the northern border, and in particular in the north east of the country, from May to the end of October. The preventive treatment is recommended in the areas of risk: CHL.

To prevent traveler's diarrhea, it is advised to avoid the foods most at risk: prepared dishes eaten cold at a later hour, seafood, meat and fish if it is undercooked or badly cooked, and raw vegetables and fruits that you have not peeled yourself. Drinking water must be boiled, filtered or drinken directly from sealed bottles. Bathing in fresh water exposes you to the risk of urinary bilharziosis (or schistosomosis) although this risk is not very high, it can vary one bathing place to another, even in the same region. Do not bathe unless you can get reliable advice regarding the spot. Bilharziosis is particularly prevalent in the valley of the River Euphrates.

For Further Information
Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada - Advice for travelers
French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade - Advice for travelers

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Safety Conditions

Syria is a very safe country, the population is strongly controlled by the police and the president's intelligence service.
Terrorist Risk
Syria is a country affected very lightly by the threat of terrorism. Therefore, few incidents have been happened since the Hama massacre committed in 1982 towards an Islamic movement. However, there are always tensions with the minority Kurdish group located in the northern part of the country at the border with Iraq. 

All combined, the threat level is relatively low and the economic interests in Syria are not affected by the slight increase in terrorism.

Traveling Women Conditions
For a woman, traveling in Syria (alone or with company) does not represent any safety problem. Deir ez-Zor is the only city where young men can have an attitude a bit unpleasant towards women (in general, it does not go further than persistent stares).
For Further Information
French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Foreign Affairs Canada

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