598 products categories require non-automatic import license

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Posted on: 25 Feb 2012

Argentina increased the number of items that require non-automatic import licenses from 400 to 598
products. The stated objective for the new requirement is to restrict imports to protect Argentine
industry from unfair foreign competition, and reduce the trade deficit with its major trading partners.
Major product categories previously subject to non-automatic licensing requirements are: apparel,
yarns and fabrics, footwear, toys, luggage and handbags, certain household goods, selected machinery
and tools, motorcycles, bicycles and bicycle tires, certain paper items including catalogs, pictures,
designs, photographs, printed matter, and other miscellaneous products. In addition, Argentina has
now implemented an electronic application system for non-automatic import licenses called SISCO
whose use is required for applications for non-automatic import licenses for 76 of the 598 HS codes and
will progressively increase until all applications for products falling under the 598 HS codes require the
use of SISCO.
Additions to the list of products requiring non-automatic import licenses were announced on February
15, 2011, in a complex regulation that may require professional interpretation and guidance for
importers of U.S. products in the affected product categories.

SISCO Foreign Trade Integrated System
Following are the procedures to apply for an import license in Argentina. Resolution 496/2011
of August 5, 2011, implemented the Foreign Trade Integrated System (SISCO) a new info tech
system for non-automatic licenses. If the petitioner of the license does or did not re-submit the
request into the new system within 30 days, it will automatically expire and the process will have
to be re-started.
Through this resolution, companies interested in obtaining import licenses must register in
SISCO. This registration is mandatory for the 76 harmonized code numbers listed below and
the Ministry of Industry plans to progressively add all remaining HS codes requiring nonautomatic
licenses to the list requiring SISCO registration. It is therefore advised that exporters
to Argentina of goods that are currently on the list of HS codes requiring non-automatic import
licenses alert their Argentine customers broker to monitor changes to the list of HS codes
requiring SISCO registration in order to meet any re-submission requirements and avoid already
lengthy delays in the granting of non-automatic import licenses.
Major product categories subject to SISCO registration as of November 8, 2011 are: matches,
envelopes, letter cards, exercise books, safety headgears, tableware, glasses, tools, staples,
electrical machineries, telephones, tractors, measuring rods and tapes, electrical guitars,
furniture, toys, brushes.

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Posted: 25 February 2012

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