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Last updated: 11 Apr 2011

U.S. exporters can penetrate the Belgian market through importers/distributors, wholesalers or specialized retailers, depending on their products and their company size. Interested U.S. exporters will have to focus on innovation, quality and competitive pricing to successfully penetrate the market.

In support of U.S. commercial interests in Belgium, the U.S. Embassy in Brussels uses the combined resources of the various U.S. Government agencies to promote exports of U.S. goods and services. It also supplies information on trade and investment opportunities and serves as an advocate for U.S. firms. For specific requests, firms can contact the applicable Commercial Specialist at the U.S. Embassy in Brussels for counseling and market entry strategies tailored to their products and services (see:

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Posted: 10 April 2011, last updated 11 April 2011

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