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An Expert's View about Marketing in Belgium

Last updated: 11 Apr 2011

Belgium has a very well developed infrastructure and is regarded as an excellent transit and distribution center. It has the second most extensive canal network in Europe and benefits from modern road and rail networks. Antwerp is Europe’s largest container port for the US-EU trade; Liege is the third largest European river port. The national airport is located only 15 minutes from the center of Brussels and is among the busiest by cargo traffic in Europe, sending 450,000 tons of freight in 2009. Liege Airport, located 90 kilometers east of Brussels, is also an important center for freight with 482,000 metric tons sent in 2009. For 91% of Belgian consumers, retail shops and department stores are accessible within a 10-mile radius of their homes.
The cultural, linguistic and economic differences of Belgium’s three regions have a strong influence on how business is conducted. A good importer/distributor must be able to operate in all three areas. Belgian distributors tend to be small and specialized.

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Posted: 10 April 2011, last updated 11 April 2011

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