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Posted on: 26 Apr 2010


Brazil is one of the largest countries and economies in the world. It is the most competitive compared to its Mercosur partners and a leader in South America. However this position is not sustained when compared to other countries, its competitiveness indexes being quite lower. Competitiveness is related to a health environment fostered by the nations to its organisations and society grows. It is also linked to macroeconomic environment, business, technology, innovation, education and infrastructure.

Brazilian infrastructure system faces many challenges. Some of them relate to unpaved roads, obsolete and non-integrated railways and maritime systems, as well as a problematic air system. Those might be the result of lack of investments by the Brazilian government.

These problems on transport cause enormous costs that affect the organisations in Brazil,

especially in the face of its competitors around the world. In order to achieve economic development and competitiveness, countries and organisations need an environment that fosters this development, especially related to infrastructure. Thus Brazil needs to culturally perceive the relevant role of an efficient logistics infrastructure to sustain its growth and development. In order to do so, it has to review some of its cultural assumptions that tend to overemphasise economic/political factors to the detriment of logistics infrastructure management.

Logistics strategies aligned to multicultural awareness could be helpful in order to understand those differences, so as to create competitive advantage.


Posted: 26 April 2010

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