Consumer goods in Brazil

A Hot Tip about Reaching the Consumer in Brazil

Posted on: 8 Sep 2010

Brazil is asserting its presence on the world stage as an emerging power and it is enjoying its first sustained period of export-led growth in twenty years.

Consumers and businesses have developed higher standards both for quality and value for money and Brazil has a large and prosperous middle class with an appetite for quality goods and services every bit as demanding as the consumers in London, Paris or New York.


Brazilians are traditionally emotional and extravagant buyers. The country has numerous special dates such as Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, Secretary’s Days, Valentine’s Days and Christmas.

Brazilians customers can be very sophisticated and follow overseas trends and although social habits vary from region to region, there are considerable openings for British goods of high quality, design and durability. Brazilians are very fashion conscious, well travelled and know what the world can offer.

Posted: 08 September 2010

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