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Last updated: 15 Mar 2011


U.S. companies that manufacture golf, winter sports or outdoor equipment and ball sports equipment will find a market in Canada’s growing sporting goods and recreational market. Canadians have strong U.S. brand recognition and enjoy America’s high quality products. The strong Canadian dollar is also putting more disposable income in the pockets of Canadians which is allowing for the purchase of more leisure activities. As a result, Canada is a potentially profitable market for U.S. manufacturers of sporting goods equipment and related accessories.


Market Demand

Canada’s climate is characterized by its diversity, as temperature and precipitation differ depending on where you are and the time of year. Other than northern Canada, where it’s above freezing for only a few months a year, most Canadian cities are within 200 km of the southern border, where mild springs, hot summers and pleasantly crisp autumns are common. These significant regional variations in climate allow for a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor sports for teams or individuals.


According to a report on Sport Participation in Canada, published by Statistics Canada in 2008 (using 2005 data), the top 5 most practiced sports, in order of popularity, are golf, ice hockey, swimming, soccer and basketball. However, gender differences do exist when it comes to the choice of sport. Swimming, golf, soccer, volleyball and downhill skiing are popular among women, while men are mostly attracted to ice hockey, golf, basketball, soccer and baseball.


Market Data

The sporting and athletic goods manufacturing industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in the manufacture of sporting and athletic goods, except clothing and footwear.


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Posted: 30 November 2010, last updated 15 March 2011

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