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Last updated: 23 Feb 2011


• Canada has the world’s fifth largest aerospace market
• In 2010 it is expected to generate $24.1 billion in revenues
• It is home to large OEMS such as Bombardier, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Rolls Royce Canada, Bell Helicopter Textron, Boeing Canada, Lockheed Martin Canada and employs over 80,000 workers
• 80 % of the industry is located in Quebec (51%) and Ontario (29%)
• 83% of the industry is in civil aircraft manufacturing; 17% is in military/defense manufacturing
• Over 80% of Canadian aerospace production is exported; Over 50% of imports are from the USA


• Bell Helicopter Textron’s new Bell 429 Helicopter
• Canadian Companies with F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Major Contracts (valued at over 160 million)
• Boeing Dreamliner 787 and other Boeing Programs (valued at over $1 billion)
• Bombardier C Series and other Bombardier Programs (valued at over $1 billion)


• Civil Aircrafts and Aircraft Parts (Turbojets, spacecraft and UAVs)
• Aircraft Engines and Engine Parts (turbo propeller engine parts and gas turbine engine parts)
• Avionics and Instrumentation
• Composite Materials (Components and Manufacturing Equipment)

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Posted: 27 January 2011, last updated 23 February 2011

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