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Posted on: 20 Jun 2013

Users simply place their Qi-supported device, regardless of brand, on any Qi charging spot or compliant wireless charger and power up.

China suppliers are right up there with the big brands, offering Qi wireless chargers capable of supporting smartphones, gaming consoles and other mobile gadgets. Many adopt clean minimalist exteriors, usually in white or black, although other colors can be used.

Here is a selection of Qi-enabled wireless chargers from verified suppliers on

'Green' wireless charger supports popular smartphones
Shenzhen Micter’s model WCP16 contains up to 60 percent recycled materials. It is also BFR-, rFR- and PVC-free. Packaging is likewise recyclable.

The unit has a nickel-free surface and is usable with the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S III, and various smartphones from Nokia, HTC and BlackBerry. Its input and output current are 300 and 750mA, and charger standby consumption is ≤30mW.

Nokia Lumia-compatible wireless charger
When matched with a Qi-compliant power bank or receiver, the model GE68611 from Shenzhen Travellers can be used to charge the Nokia Lumia. The unit has a power conversion efficiency reaching 78 percent. It has a working and standby current of ≤400mA and ≤20mA, respectively.

The model can also be used on the Samsung Galaxy S III, and BlackBerry and HTC smartphones and various gaming consoles, including Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Price ranges from $35 to $40 for an MOQ of 100 units.

Wireless charger with CE, UL, FCC certification
HLC requires an MOQ of 200 units for this CE-, UL- and FCC-certified Qi wireless charger.

The model L630D has a charging efficiency of ≥70% and a transmission distance of 5mm. Its input current is 5V at 500 to 1,000mA. The unit comes in white and black and is 170x150x10mm. It weighs 380g.

Wireless charger with LCD power indicator
Shenzhen Koeok's model KE-506 has an LCD on the upper-middle of the charging surface that indicates power. The unit has a 5,000mAh capacity and wireless output of 5V/500mA.

The wireless charger can be used with various mobile phones. It comes in white or black and protects against overcharging and discharging, overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuits. Dimensions are 125.5x62.5x13mm.

Wireless charger with receiver case for Galaxy S III
The Qi-compliant model DPW1 comes with a receiver case to give the Samsung Galaxy S III wireless charging capability. Its transmission distance is 8mm. The charging voltage and current are 5VDC and 500 to 700mA.

Shenzhen Digiview requires an MOQ of 100 units. The model can also be used with the Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8X and Nexus 4.

Qi wireless charger with >75% conversion
Linosky’s WL101 model wireless charger has an energy conversion rate exceeding 75 percent. The charging current and frequency are 500 to 1,000mAh and 100 to 200kHz, respectively.

The unit has a transmission distance of 5mm and uses one-to-one charging. It measures 93x93x8mm and weighs 230g. An MOQ of 1,000 units is required.

Color-customizable wireless charger pad
The model Yabo-Wireless comes in white or black to match the Samsung Galaxy S III. Colors are also customizable.

The product has a charging frequency of 100 to 200kHz and working voltage of 5V at 500 to 700mA. It comes with a charging case and USB cord. Price is between $20 and $30 for an MOQ of 500 units.

Wireless charging power bank
United’s model UPWCS001 has a charging time of 5 hours. The wireless charging power bank works with any Qi-compliant device and has a cycle lifespan exceeding 500 times. Input and output voltage are 5VDC at 1,000mA.

The product comes in white. It measures 135x63x17mm and weighs 162g. The MOQ is 3,000 units.

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Posted: 20 June 2013

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