Leaked iPhone 5S parts suggest significant changes inside

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Posted on: 4 Jul 2013

Based on images published by Weibo user C-tech, the new iPhone will adopt smaller and more integrated components. This leaves space for new parts that will support enhancements and add-ons such as a better camera, fingerprint recognition, NFC and 1,600mAh battery.

Nano SIM card tray
The nano SIM card tray has the same design used on the iPhone 5 but is slightly slimmer and comes in various colors. The last is fueling rumors that the new handset will come not only in black and white, but in a range of colors, including golden.

Front facing camera
Rumor has it that Apple, faced with growing competition from Samsung and Nokia, will equip the iPhone 5S with a 3MP front facing camera and a 16MP rear camera. The iPhone 5 has an 1.2MP front camera and 8MP rear camera.

Volume cable and vibrating motor
The iPhone 5S could have an integrated vibrating motor and volume cable, unlike the iPhone 4 and 5.

Wi-Fi flex cable ribbon
Based on this image, the iPhone 5S will have a new Wi-Fi flex cable ribbon.

Home button
From the looks of it, the iPhone 5S home button will have a longer cable, presumably for integration with the hyped fingerprint scanner.

From these images, it appears there will be no significant change in the buttons used by the iPhone 5 and 5S.

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Posted: 04 July 2013

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