HAIWN-400 multifunctional flatbed printer

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Posted on: 23 May 2012

Digital ink-jet technology with the advanced PLC and single-chip microcomputer embedded system achieves multi-function transmission and prints on objects directly. It can realize to print on PVC, plastic, rubber, metal, ABS, PP, leather, shells and other materials directly. The whole process of print has on plate making, no previous treatment, direct printing, and dry instantly. Realize the product of rapid prototyping printing.

• printing steps rapid and simple: No make plate,
plate burning, repeat steps, without the silk-screen printing
and thermal transfer mode. One step can shape.
• ink-jet printing without materials restrictions: Taking the non-contact way to print won't cause materials damage. It can not only print on PVC, plastic, rubber, metal, ABS, PP, leather, shells and other materials, and also can be printed in the hard surface of materials like crystal, stone, metal, glass.
• printing position accurate: Advanced PLC and single-chip microcomputer embedded control system implement very precise positioning, and avoid the problem of migration caused by manual printing
• rich color display: Many color ink-jet printing disposable, precise color printing, gorgeous color, digital ink-jet printing equipment can reflect image perfectly. Fully reflect the powerful market potential.
• Realize the rapid and flexible sample printing: For more industry professional use, it can change the contents of the printings and printing effect.

1. can be printed 210 mmX329mm (A4 size)
2. 6 color ink cartridges or Continuous Ink Supply System
3. meet such as small batch and proofing demand
4. A4 full color about 110 seconds
5. be printed object 1-80 mm height
6. automatically detect objects height and the height limit
7. online automatic function
8. many objects can be printed at the same time
(2) Specifications
Print mode Object Print
Print size A4(210mmX297mm)
Packing size  500*550*475(W*L*H)
630x610x430 (w x L x H)
Net weight 30Kg
Gross weight 33kg
Print Speed 110 sec(A4 photo)
Print height 1mm-80mm
Print weight 8Kg
Transmission Type USB2.0
Precision 5760*1440dpi
Print media Crystal glass, stone, wood, metal, acrylic, plastic, rubber, leather, bamboo, shell, ceramic tile, organic glass, KT board, mobile phone, trademark, Name board, lighter, pen, stationery, key, golf, toys, etc
Special ink 6 color
Supply ink ink cartridges or Continuous Ink Supply System

Power AC220V/110V
Driver WINDOW95/98/2000/NT/XP
Environment Temperature:10-35degree,Humidity:20-80%
Packing Anti-pressure carton

Posted: 23 May 2012

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