Establishment of Wholesale Enterprises

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Last updated: 22 Feb 2011

4-1 Establishment of Wholesale Enterprises

4-1-1 Application Procedures
1. Examination and Approval of Project Proposals, Contracts and Articles of Association

The Chinese party (in the case of a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, the foreign investor or its appointed Chinese agency which is qualified to provide foreign investment consultation services) must submit to the local foreign economic and trade authorities the feasibility study report, contract, articles of association and other documents required. Trademark and trade name licensing contracts, technology transfer contracts, management contracts, service contracts and other legal documents signed by foreign-invested commercial enterprises should be submitted at the same time as annexes to the contract (in the case of wholly foreign-owned commercial enterprises, as annexes to the articles of association).

2. Registration at the industry and commerce administration

Foreign-invested wholesale enterprise granted approval to set up should complete its registration formalities at the industry and commerce administration within one month after obtaining the approval certificate issued by the provincial-level foreign economic and trade authorities.

3. Tax registration

After its incorporation, the enterprise should have an official seal made at the local public security bureau, apply for enterprise code from the technical supervision bureau, and complete tax registration formalities at the tax registration department.

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Posted: 21 February 2011, last updated 22 February 2011

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