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Last updated: 22 Feb 2011

3-2 Regulations Governing Import and Sale of Goods

Laws and regulations governing the import of goods mainly cover commodity inspection, animal and plant quarantine or health quarantine, trademark registration, packaging and labelling.
The Chinese government prohibits the sale or use of any imported goods that are not issued the certificate of inspection and quarantine for imports or health certificate by the inspection and quarantine authorities. China carries out mandatory inspection of imported goods listed in the Catalogue of Import-Export Commodities Subject to Inspection and Quarantine by Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Organs and other imported goods as stipulated in other laws and regulations. At the port of entry, the imported goods will be released by Customs upon presentation of the customs declaration form duly stamped by the inspection and quarantine authorities.

The Chinese government adopts a compulsory certification system on products related to human health and safety, animals and plants, environmental protection and public safety. Products listed in the Catalogue of Products Subject to Compulsory Product Certification are only allowed to be imported into China for sale upon obtaining product certification issued by certification bodies designated by the National Regulatory Commission for Certification and Accreditation. The "3C" certification mark must also be properly affixed.

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Posted: 21 February 2011, last updated 22 February 2011

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