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Last updated: 22 Feb 2011

8-3 Products Requiring Quality/Safety Licensing

In line with common international quality management standards, China implements a product quality certification system for enterprises setting standards and technical requirements for products. For product subject to safety certification, the compulsory certification requirements under the Standardisation Law of the PRC will apply. For products subject to conformity certification, the national or industry standards laid down in the Standardisation Law will apply

8-3-1 3C Certification

Products which have an impact on the health and safety of people, animals and plants, environmental protection and public security are subject to a unified compulsory product certification system. The Regulations for the Administration of Compulsory Product Certification, the Measures for the Administration of Compulsory Product Certification Mark, the Catalogue of the First Batch of Products Subject to Compulsory Certification, and the Circular on Issues Relating to the Implementation of Compulsory Product Certification provide the legal basis for compulsory product certification. They contain unified stipulations on the applicable product ranges, use of the CCC mark and supervision and monitoring of the system, etc. Products listed in the compulsory product certification catalogue must be certified by designated certification bodies, granted the relevant certificate and affixed with the CCC mark before they can leave the factory and be imported, sold or used.

Products Subject to 3C Certification
The catalogue of products subject to compulsory certification contains a list of 132 products under 19 categories. They span across nine industries including electronic products and electrical appliances, telecommunications products, vehicles and motorcycles, safety glass, fire prevention products, security products, agricultural machinery, latex products and vehicle tyres.

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Posted: 21 February 2011, last updated 22 February 2011

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