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Last updated: 6 Dec 2011

Composite discs and drums are on the rise. Semimetallic pads and shoes contain less heavy metal.

China’s brake parts industry is rolling out more environment-friendly designs. Suppliers are either developing lightweight high-performance models that will enable greater fuel efficiency or adopting less toxic materials.

The first trend is particularly apparent among makers of metal components. For instance, in the disc and drum sector, many companies have launched carbon-ceramic types.

Weighing about 5kg each, the products are 50 percent lighter than cast iron and steel versions. These are also more durable, boasting a service life of 300,000km, four times longer than metal counterparts.

In the brake caliper line, CME Auto Co. Ltd is offering aluminum alloy designs that are at least 50 percent lighter than iron and steel versions. These are fitted with four or six pistons, in contrast to the usual one or two.

The parts are priced no more than $200 per piece. TÜV and ISO/TS 16949 standards are followed during production.

For brake pads and shoes, the shift to “green” materials continues to gain momentum. Suppliers are expanding asbestos-free selections, which now account for the bulk of exports. Output of asbestos models has been on a downturn since the US and other major markets limited adoption of the material due to its harmful effects on health and the environment.

In the semimetallic sector, several companies are making designs more environment-friendly by reducing the levels of copper and other types of heavy metal.

ANTCH Industries Co. Ltd, meanwhile, is scheduled to release nonmetallic pads this year. The company developed the line in cooperation with a university in Shandong province.

Brake parts made of advanced materials target primarily the upscale segment. Encouraged by strong demand, makers are moving higher up the value chain.

A number intend to enter or shift more resources to the OE sector in coming months. At present, less than 10 percent of China’s brake parts industry supplies domestic vehicle assemblers and even fewer count overseas manufacturers as clients. These midsize to large parts makers adhere to various international standards, including ISO/TS 16949 and 14001.

Qingdao Sunsong Co. Ltd, Ruian Huachi Auto Parts Co. Ltd and ANTCH are among the companies already catering to vehicle assemblers.

For the aftermarket, suppliers are expanding selections for high-end cars. Ruian Hauchi, for instance, is developing brake pads for the BMW 5 series. Haiyan Zhenda Automobile Fittings Fty will be introducing models that can be used in Mercedes-Benz heavy trucks.


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Posted: 05 June 2011, last updated 6 December 2011

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