Trade Promotion and Advertising in Colombia

A Hot Tip about Reaching the Consumer in Colombia

Last updated: 10 Mar 2011

Introducing new consumer products to the Colombian market usually requires an extensive advertising campaign. Companies’ marketing strategies frequently include media ads, and printed technical and sales articles in a combination of media -- radio, television, cable TV, newspapers, periodicals, trade magazines, and the Internet-- announcing sales and special offers.


Some companies and supermarkets also are effectively using a variety of marketing techniques to promote consumer products, including raffles, discount coupons, and accrual of points to exchange for a variety of products and/or services. Credit card holders are also entitled to market promotions and discounts, as well as subscribers to some newspapers, magazines or cellular services. Promotional seasonal “sales” have also become popular in Colombia throughout the year, usually on special holidays such as Amor & Amistad Day (similar to Valentine’s Day but held during the entire month of September), Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween, Christmas etc. Extended hours shopping during long weekends are being introduced in many malls in major urban centers.


Colombia has about 30 important daily newspapers (three of the principal daily papers are in Bogotá), a large number of trade and business papers and magazines, nationwide and regional television networks, AM and FM radio stations, and private local cable TV companies. Also available is a great variety of business, industrial, and trade publications from most Colombian industrial and trade associations and private publishers. Most publications have web sites. U.S. exporters should seriously consider advertising in local daily papers in major cities.



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Posted: 03 May 2010, last updated 10 March 2011

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Trade Promotion and Advertising in Colombia   By U.S. Commercial Service Colombia