Towards Quality Medical Care in Costa Ri

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Last updated: 4 Jan 2011

Towards Quality Medical Care in Costa Rica

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Costa Rican health care has taken a major leap in overall quality in the last decade. The drive towards quality care is sustained by many factors including forward thinking government policies and an influx of affluent paying customers.  Medical Care and as a corollary medical Tourism has benefited from the welcome scrutiny of   a number of national and international medical  accreditation bodies and a wide range  of social, educational, and economic factors, Costa Rica has entered 2011 as one of the western world’s top rated countries for overall quality of medical  care. Surprising to many this drive has resulted in Costa Rica surpassing the United States in a recent study undertaken by the Joint Commission International, the world’s most respected medical accreditation body.

The government of Costa Rica has taken the continued improvement of the quality of its health care very seriously. Using funds and assistance from the United States Agency for International development Costa Rica has developed and continues to implement a plan called the Quality Assurance Project. Use of Quality Assurance training and methodology has locked in and created an institutional wide recurring theme of increasing the quality of medical care in Costa Rica by focusing on problem resolution training among health care workers and facilities. This broad hands on training study cast a wide net, 7 major hospitals and health care facilities continue to participate and spread methodology and training to other parts of the country.

The shift of western capital in the past ten years has been unprecedented in Costa Rican History. The initial explosion of tourism led to many westerners investing in Real Estate and infrastructure here. Second homes, retirement homes and simply shifting to a new lifestyle fueled a Costa Rica Real Estate boom that led to rapid prices rises in land, consumer goods, and construction materials. The proximity, political stability, and ease of entry from the United States has made Costa Rica a prime destination for tourists and expatriates alike. With an unparalleled bio diversity and natural beauty, Costa Rica has long been a business and medical tourism mecca in the making. The influx of western money has turned Health care on its ear both in terms of demand and investment dollars with which to meet it.

The Joint Commission International and the Pro med Council both outstanding world medical accreditation and standards organizations and are a huge factor in the rise of quality health care in Costa Rica. These bodies set standards that health institutions strive to emulate, and require for participation and recognition of these bodies.

An increasing social awareness and affluence has helped catapult the Costa Ricans into new spheres of education and excellence specifically as it relates to health care and medical tourism. Western trained English speaking doctors are at the heart of this medical renaissance.

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Posted: 04 January 2011, last updated 4 January 2011

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