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An Expert's View about Sales in the Czech Republic

Last updated: 23 Mar 2011


Since the terrorist attacks in the United States, Madrid, London and Moscow, the Czech Government and Czech consumers have become much more security conscious. Security equipment and services in the Czech Republic continue to be a top priority for the government. The war in Iraq, along with a continued threat of terrorist attacks all over the world, has played a key role in creating an enhanced security market in the Czech Republic. The market for safety and security has grown rapidly in recent years, with annual increases of 9 - 11 percent. This trend is expected to continue and accelerate as Czech purchasing power increases.

The transportation security equipment market mainly includes imported software and hardware, as a strong domestic security industry offers high-tech electronic system components, training and equipment services, and less sophisticated security components (iron bars, grills, and safety doors). The market offers potential for U.S. equipment suppliers, especially in the category of advanced electronic systems. U.S. companies should seek out Czech agents, distributors, and partners to secure footholds in the Czech market as well as in neighboring Central and Eastern European countries.

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Posted: 23 March 2011, last updated 23 March 2011

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