Selling Factors/Techniques in Hong Kong

A Hot Tip about Sales in Hong Kong SAR

Posted on: 25 Mar 2010

The major selling factors in Hong Kong and Macau are the same as in the United States: price, quality, compliance with technical specifications, timeliness of delivery, and service. Initial sales require more face-to-face contact as Asian agents, distributors and buyers generally place a premium on developing personal connections.


Hong Kong firms in particular are keen to work with serious exporters. Firms can show their commitment to successful market entry by using metric measurements, providing Chinese-language materials, responding quickly to inquiries, meeting relevant standards, etc. There is no substitute for visiting Hong Kong and Macau frequently for a first-hand understanding of these very different markets, and to build the necessary personal relationships for success.


Companies considering entering this market should understand Hong Kong's fast-paced business climate. Decisions are made quickly. Firms must respond immediately to inquiries or risk losing opportunities to faster-moving competitors.




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Posted: 25 March 2010

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