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Last updated: 28 Apr 2011

Hungary has a population with a fairly even distribution of different age groups. While children and teenagers aged 14 or below and elderly people aged 65 or above account for nearly one-third of the population, the majority of Hungarians fall into the age group between 15-64, which constitutes almost 70% of the population. Apart from students, these people are mainly office staff, manual workers and full-time housewives, who are the major decision-makers for daily consumer purchases. Despite the lingering unemployment after the global recession and the ongoing European sovereign debt problems, these people have been more willing to spend than before (i.e. prior to EU accession in 2004), thus comprising the mainstay of the Hungarian consumer market.

Interestingly, young people aged between 20 and 29 account for a relatively large 14% share of the population. They represent the generation growing up along with the country's liberalisation in 1990s, and are more influenced by Western culture. As they usually have a higher disposable income ratio due to lesser economic and family burdens, they have become major buyers, especially of fashion products. Yet working adults aged 30 or above have remained the most influential group in the consumer market for a wide range of household goods and consumer durables. While generally appreciating Western-style fashion products, they pay more attention to price and quality than do youngsters.

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Posted: 26 April 2011, last updated 28 April 2011

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