International Background Screening Lowers Risk for Firms

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Last updated: 3 Aug 2012

About the Service

International background checks and screening services for employers help companies and Human Resource departments lower their risk in international hiring and business relationships.  If your company is hiring abroad, chances are your HR department doesn’t speak the same language or have employees and representatives in the local market where you’re doing the hiring.  Cultural and language barriers, and thousands of miles, naturally create an increased risk for fraud and misrepresentation.  Professional private investigators help companies reduce that risk via local verifications, record searches, and screening applicants for signs of fraud.

Verifications in developing nations almost always require a trained investigator on the ground who speaks the same language, has access to local records, and has the contacts and training needed to discreetly verify your international employment candidate or potential business partner.  Expert investigators can verify a resume or CV, check for criminal and court records, verify references and reputation, verify address and documentation, and screen for unknown risks factors.  Screening contacts and candidates is smart business.

International background screening is a valuable tool in international business.  Searching records from abroad is not a prudent method of mitigating risk, so it’s essential to use a reputable investigation firm with offices or field investigators on the ground where you need them.  After all, searching the internet for public records in Guatemala or India or China is not possible, and would be negligent in any hiring process.  Risk extends much further than criminal records, so even in developing countries, investigators advise a complete background check.

Why It’s Needed

Globalization and international business is here to stay.  These days, to remain profitable, companies need to hire abroad to find talented labor at a competitive price.  This means going beyond your comfort zone.  Managers simply can’t be experts in every local market, in every country and region of the world.  That’s where international private investigators come in.   They act discreetly on your behalf to verify and uncover evidence.

International hiring is expected to continue to increase with over population.  False resumes and misrepresentation and bogus CVs are also on the rise.  Making sure no phony candidates enter your business is key to avoiding serious problems.  The risk is real, and it’s a smart business practice to minimize the risk in every way possible. 

Services Available

International background screening services vary from one company to another, and there are several reputable providers in the U.S., U.K. and Australia.  However, choosing the right firm often depends on your particular case and business needs.  Always be sure the investigator or investigation firm that you choose has offices or field investigators on the ground where you need verification.  No exceptions.  There simply is no other way to investigate the subject.  Ask for references and search Google to see what others are saying.  Check to see how promptly the investigator responds to emails, and if needed, ask for a phone conversation.

All services should be discreet and confidential.  Your company name should never be used in the course of an investigation, and the investigator should be a full service investigation firm.  This means that whatever risk or evidence that arises, the investigation company is able to research the matter further if needed.  International investigation companies should offer background checks, due diligence, international screening for employment, and even surveillance and asset searches for risk mitigation on senior management and key executives.

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Posted: 03 August 2012, last updated 3 August 2012

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