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Posted on: 2 Mar 2010

Since 1994, the government has removed most requirements for domestic equity in joint ventures. However, foreign investors who opt for 100 percent initial ownership are suggested to divest to Indonesians at least some share, even as little as one percent, after 15 years. This can be accomplished through the stock market. In 2001, the President issued a decree regulating joint ventures for small and medium-sized companies.


As a practical matter, a local joint venture partner is often essential for success in this market, for the same reason that an active Indonesian agent or distributor has advantages over a foreign trade representative office. The choice of an Indonesian joint venture partner is critical for many reasons, especially for knowledge of the local scene and contacts, which are important for successful operations in Indonesia. A few experienced firms provide background, credit-type reports on Indonesian entrepreneurs and firms (See Chapter 9 for list of Consultants and contact information).


A partnership in Indonesia is difficult to dissolve. Consequently, the first choice has to be the right choice. Business sense is as crucial to any commercial endeavor in Indonesia as it is anywhere else; "contacts" alone, while important, cannot substitute for business skills in an Indonesian partner.


Because Indonesians place great importance on personal relationships and mutual understanding, partnerships tend to be based primarily on genuine accord, with the written contract playing a less significant role. It is therefore important that any agreement be well understood by both sides. A contract over which there are conflicting interpretations is certain to cause future problems. In any case, a soundly written legal agreement is strongly encouraged, despite the weakness of the Indonesian legal system for enforcing contracts.


In some cases, licensing arrangements for products/services are more cost-effective options for U.S. companies doing business in Indonesia, but firms should apply the same cautions recommended for joint venture partners.




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Posted: 02 March 2010

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