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Last updated: 24 Feb 2011

Joint ventures are one of the most popular methods of cooperation for Israeli firms, especially in technology-related industries. Manufacturing under licensing agreements is also common in Israel. The Government of Israel encourages both methods of operation. Chapter 6 of this guide provides further information on investing in Israel. Israeli businesses strive to obtain licensing agreements for a five-year period, with an automatically renewable clause that would last for another five years. They prefer agreements in which the licensor takes equity with the licensee.


The norm for royalties is 4-5% of turnover, although higher rates are common for luxury articles, author's fees, and for specialized machinery. A 10-15% withholding tax on royalties and fees is often deducted at the source even though the actual payment of this amount of tax by the representative is not clear. The licensee may repatriate royalties through an authorized bank by producing a statement from a certified accountant. The licensee is entitled to claim an income tax deduction on royalties and fee payments. It is advisable to seek advice from a respected law firm and accounting firm when trying to calculate tax liabilities. The U.S. and Israel have signed a treaty to avoid double taxation.



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Posted: 18 August 2010, last updated 24 February 2011

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